Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Domaines Paul Mas Estate Pinot Noir 2012 – St Hilaire Vineyard

As the new Millennium approached, the economic climate led to a decline in French wines' reputation in the US. The Languedoc region was known for bulk wines and Australia filled that gap with cheap mass produced wines. Fourth generation vintner, Jean-Claude Mas, Owner Proprietor of Domaine Paul Mas and trailblazer in the region, set out to change that. He reduced quantity in order to improve quality while crafting affordable wines, combining Languedoc tradition with New World attitude (like stainless steel tanks and sustainability). I recently had the opportunity to experience the spirit of the region with Mr. Mas at a luncheon at Hundred Acres in New York's Greenwich Village.

Mas has almost 1000 acres of vineyards with over 2000 contracted vineyards (co-ops are common in France). Languedoc's traditional varietals are GSM, Granache, Syrah, and Mourvedre but the one I am writing about here is a 100% Pinot Noir. The climate, the vital, 
fertile and living limestone soil, the 10-25 year old vines, all compose the terroir that makes for a good wine like... Domaines Paul Mas Estate Pinot Noir – St Hilaire Vineyard

Stainless steel fermentation for 7-10 days, then aged for 6 months before bottle aging for 2 months.

Garnet colors in the glass, aromas of rosewater, strawberry, cherry with some minerality, ripe cherry, and spices, while on the palate rich red berries, plum, vanilla and clove, ripe tannins and a good finish.

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