Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa Rosalia Nebbiolo d'Alba Brezza 2006 Piemonte DOC

The following Nebbiolo was one of my favorites out of 4 flights of 3, sampled at a blind tasting at SNOOTHdotCOM hosted by Greg Dal Piaz.

From Piedmont comes this classic Nebbiolo d'Alba showing a simplicity of style and reflecting its unique form and balance. Exhibiting freshness and ripeness at the same time, there are faint flowery aromas, like violets or roses, contrasting with flavors of chocolate, toast and tar.

Notes from the Brezza site:

Production process
The vinification is designed to maximize the freshness and elegance of the wine. The fermentation and maceration last 6 to 10 days, with the temperature about 18-20°C to encourage malolactic fermentation. In December, the wine, already quite clear, is put into oak for 6 months, after which in undergoes bottle-ageing for a similar period. Once the wine is released, it is ready for consumption; a further year in bottle, however, will further enhance quality.

Serving recommendations
Both terroir and estate philosophy dictate a wine quite different from the more famous Barolo wine. This Nebbiolo d'Alba typically exhibits fruity aromas (peach and wild berries) and medium body, being ready to drink relatively young. With respect to the more austere Barolo, it is more suited casual summer meals. It is best enjoyed young, but will improve with a brief cellaring.


Moscato D'Nasti said...

Great to see you last night Dave.

Nice post.

The Brezza was my favorite too, not including the Barolo! Glad a have a few more.

Next month we'll do 2004 Barolo just for the heck of it. No Brezza there, yet but some good stuff none-the-less.

Hope to see you soon.

Dave Trieger said...

Thanks for the good word Greg, and the great wines.

Eric Guido said...

It's sad i had to miss this Nebbiolo tasting you guys did over at the Snooth offices. Sounds like a great line up.

I'll have to check out this bottle. I've had the 06 Produttori del Barbaresco Nebbiolo which I've enjoyed quite a bit. Great for a simple sipping wine with dinner or for adding a little fruit to a sauce.

Hope to be able to get to another tasting soon. Talk to you soon.