Thursday, March 18, 2010

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Advertising on Vigna Uva Vino


In 2006 I took a cycling tour thru Tuscany where I discovered a passion for wines. From that experience I began writing in a journal about the wines I liked. In January 2008 I started this wineblog: vigna uva vino.

All writing, reviews, photography and artwork by Dave Trieger unless otherwise indicated. Vigna Uva Vino is a blog about reviewing wines, interviewing wine personalities, finding winebars, shops and restaurants, great buys and wine tips. It is usually updated at least four days per week and is filled with the opinions of Dave Trieger.

Vigna Uva Vino

33% of readers earn $60-100k
35% of readers earn $100k+
46% College Educated
23% Grad School
37% Age 35-49
34% Age 50+

As of March 2010, the number of unique visitors coming to the site on a monthly basis is 2,400. It is upon this number that we base our advertising costs. This figure is roughly 300% higher than in November 2009 and growing steadily.

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Ad specs:
 167x167 pxl

Top spot on top of right sidebar: $50 per month
. Any spot below the top on the right sidebar: $25 per month,

To inquire about advertising on vignauvavino e-mail Dave Trieger (
 or call 917 991-8192

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