Monday, March 8, 2010

"The Wine Hut" New Wine Shop (or Wine Bar) on 6th avenue near Houston

If anybody has any info about storefront at 213B Avenue of the Americas, please fill us in, looks like it could be a little wine shop... ongoing construction and paper on windows.


future said...

It will be a Boutique Wine Shop

Dave Trieger said...

Really? I haven't seen any movement in over six months, I hope they do open soon, nice small shop like that could be good for the neighborhood.

future said...

unfortunately the license process take so long in NY. Although the Authority has take many steps to expedite, this application remains outstanding we hope to be in business soon. A little more information about it.
The wine Hut will have a simple approach: authentic wines made by small passionate producers often using biodynamic or organic methods- Natural Wines.
We have an approach that seeks out honest wine from growers who work with passion, individuality and zest. This may be contrasted with many of the mass-produced wines retailed today. The approach and quality indicators we seek out include the following:
1) A natural approach to viticulture using low interventionist methods. Many Artisan producers use organic or biodynamic methods, promoting an active eco-system;
2) hand harvesting. Picking by hand ensures that only the ripest fruits are chosen, arriving in top condition in the winery;
3) non-interventionist winemaking. Minimizing the use of chemicals and additives in the winery all results in a more natural product for you to enjoy.
4)Farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations.