Sunday, April 26, 2009

Santi Pinot Grigio "Sortesele" IGT 2007

From the Veneto Region of Italy and made from 100% Pinot Grigio, with pale colors and exotic flavors. On the nose are apples, pears, with a floral bouquet. On the palate, melons and mild spices provide a good base for copious, fresh flavors with fine acidity and long finish.

Winemaker notes

In the Trentino dialect “sortesele” is the diminutive form of “sorti” which means “small parts of vineyard.” These were 4000 square-meter parcels of vineyard for which, according to ancient custom, the heirs of an agricultural property drew lots. The best parts went to the luckiest; in this manner, arguments between relatives were avoided. Pinot Grigio thrives in the Sortesele vineyard, situated along the Adige valley, north of Mezzacorona in Trentino, and it covers about 84 acres. This noble variety of Burgundian origin was derived from a mutation of Pinot Noir and brought to Italy during the first half of the 9th Century. The grape is characterized by a coppery gray color. A manual harvest is conducted in a manner appropriate for the selection of Pinot Grigio, a grape which ripens irregularly.

The grapes come mainly from vines trained in the “pergola trentina” system, in rows on alluvial soil, very well-drained due to the rocky subsoil. Grapes coming from the choicest zones of Friuli complete the blend. The yield is about 6.5 tons per hectare, or a low three tons per acre.

In late September, all healthy and ripe grapes harvested are immediately delivered to the cellars to ensure they are intact. After crushing, some of the grapes are left in the press to macerate for a few hours. After cold settling of the must, the vinification is by the white wine method with fermentation at a controlled temperature; selected yeasts are used to enhance the aromas of the wine. The new wine matures mainly in steel, chilled and on fine lees and protected from oxidation. A cold sterile bottling is performed in the spring.

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