Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Accademia dei Racemi Alcione Aglianico 2004 IGT

Aglianico, the grape originally to have come from Greece, is the exclusive ingredient in this dry red wine from the Puglia region of Italy.

Alcione Aglianico di Puglia has a deep, red color, and on the nose, an intense bag of barnyard, bacon, and black raspberry jam with strange hints of plastic, then vanilla and dark ripe cherries.

Very tannic but balanced and with an earthy complexity, supported by a palate of raisins, leather, cocoa and tobacco. There's also a hint of vine ripened tomatoes just sliced open and even cured Italian black olives. This is an Old World wine with fruits in the background contrasting exotic flavors in the foreground.

Pairs very well with pasta with a red sauce, red meat or game.

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