Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Italian Wine & Cheese Made Simple

Gary Grunner and Bob Lipinski, two old pro's in the wine business, have a new book out that is a really handy pocket reference guide for Italian wine and cheese, and if you're like me you'll love it.

It begins with a brief history of cheese, along with an alphabetical listing of over 250, their regions of origin, aroma, flavor, what cheese it's similar to, texture, etc. Next a chapter on Italian wines with lots of background information, bouquet and flavor and the recommended cheese(s) to go with them.

There's also a really cool chart listing wines and every cheese that will pair well with it, a section listing the 20 regions of Italy and the cheeses produced in each, an appendix listing grapes and the wines that are made from them, and even a section that pairs cheese with fruits.

This is a great and valuable book that can be appreciated by a neophyte as well as an old wine afficionado, and will be a useful guide in any wine shop, wine bar, cheese shop or restaurant.

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