Sunday, September 18, 2011

Terra Noble Carmenere Gran Reserva 2009

This week, as part of a Snooth tasting hosted by Eric Guido, we had the pleasure of sampling four Chilean red wines.
The Terra Noble was my absolute favorite of the night, and not even the most expensive at about $16 to $18.

Deeply opaque with a finely woven texture brushed with a swash of reddish purple hues, on the nose this Carmenere shows beautifully out of the glass, in fact I put it down for a minute to write some notes and could still smell the extremely rich aromatics. There is some oak with vanilla, and mocha/coffee accompanied by a palate if intense blue fruit, finishing smoothly and velvety and going on forEVER.

For Eric's take on this gem and the other three wines of the night see The VIP Table.


Anonymous said...

How can I get this carmenere? I have had earlier years of Terr Noble & they were excellent.

Dave Trieger said...

Where are you located?