Friday, May 4, 2012

Artemis Karamolegos Santorini Assyrtiko 2010

Made with Assyrtiko grapes on the Greek Isle of Santorini by producer Artemis Karamolegos this white wine is greenish gold in color, shows complex aromas of citrus, pear and exotic fruits combining with flavors of ripe peach, green apple and hints of yeast. Nicely balanced with a crisp, bright acidity, and closing on a good long finish, 13.5% alcohol. Paired beautifully with a grilled shrimp dish with peppers and mushrooms.

About the Winery:
The San Torini Winery, founded in 1952 by Artemis Karamolegos, began from a passion for winemaking passed down to him from his beloved grandfather who made wine in a small cave or “canava” using the old traditional methods. In 2004, a new and modern winery was built to take advantage of the latest in modern technology, while also adhering to the traditional practices passed down from generations. Artemis has been a champion, not only of the main Assyrtiko variety, but has also invested in the cultivation of some of the more obscure indigenous varieties of Santorini, like Mavrotragano, Aidani, Mavrathiro and Voudomato.

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