Friday, February 19, 2016

Antico Fuoco Rosso

Still doing research on this one as far as whether it's from Puglia or Verona, but... wherever its from it's a good one! As far as I can tell it's made up of 60% Corvina with 40% Merlot grapes and aged in neutral barrels for 6 months. The wine menu indicated some Negroamaro in the blend but I couldn't confirm that fact.

The color is a deep purple and weighing in fairly hefty with consistency of light syrup. Aromas of summer fruits ripened on the vine, black currants and black cherry. The palate goes to marzipan and stewed fruits with a slightly bitter citrus edge, nicely balancing the dry acidity with mild tannins, reminding me of a Ripasso or Amarone because of its concentration of flavors. Chewy with lots of texture.

If you have more details about this one please comment below.

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