Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Barta Winery Old King Vineyard Furmint 2012

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of getting schooled on a grape I know nothing about, Furmint! The place was the Hungarian Embassy here in NYC which was the perfect setting for my introduction to some of the wines of Hungary.

Furmint, a superior white grape variety indigenous to the Tokaj region, is the undisputed king of Hungarian grapes and being one that ripens late, shows a smooth acidity and some unique minerality. I immediately noticed a similarity to Riesling, especially on the aromatics, but there are also hints of Chardonnay's texture. Here is the first in a series of several I had tasted.

Barta Winery Old King Vineyard Furmint 2012
From Old King Vineyard in Mád, this Furmint is aged in used oak barrels for 7 months. Straw colored and clean in the glass with sharp, nutty aromas piercing a bubble of summer fruit. On the palate are muted flavors of citrus playfully complementing an ethereal minerality and mild acidity.

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