Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lenz White Label Chardonnay 2005

This Chardonnay from Lenz Winery on the North Fork of Long Island was intentionally carbonated... there is CO2 present that is leftover from the primary (cold) fermentation that makes the inside of my lip tingle and my mouth water. Aromas are mineral, with fresh bright lemon and flavors of granny smith apples and pineapple. Winemaker Eric Fry says he picks the grapes in batches from September through October to get this interesting white. He'll pick a small batch that's bright and lemony, stop and ferment, a week later pick another batch that's tropical, stop and ferment, another week pick a batch that's ripe apple, stop and ferment. He get's the different flavors by choosing when to pick, then blending together, because he's making a "fruit salad" that results in a wine with a unique freshness. Eric calls this an "East Coast wine" and says, "Take a swig of this wine- spit it out- are you salivating? yes, then it's a food wine." $12.

©2008 photo by Dave Trieger

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