Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Delas Freras Cotes-Du-Ventoux 2006

Glycerine aromas mark this smooth Grenache and Syrah blend from Cotes-Du-Ventoux, super balnced with a slight pepper edge.... here are extensive winemaker notes:

Wines from Côtes du Rhône, France
Côtes-du-Ventoux 2006

The appellation of Côtes-du-Ventoux sits on the East bank of the Rhône river at the foot of the Ventoux mountain range. The appellation extends for 18,000 acres and mirrors the climatic conditions and grape varieties of its neighbor, the Côtes-du-Rhone.

This wine comes from a blend of wines from the heart of the Cote du-Ventoux appellations. The grapes are Grenache (80%) and Syrah (20%). The average Delas production is 16, 670 cases per year.

After harvest, the Grenache grapes are fermented the traditional way in stainless steel tanks mixed daily to allow a soft extraction of carbolic acid.

On the other hand, Syrah is fermented by only the vintage wine in order to fully bring out the fruity aromatic power of this type of vine.

After malolactic fermentation, the wines are mixed and then preserved in stainless steel tanks, in temperature controlled wine warehouses for six to eight months until bottled.

The color is a dark ruby red. There is a dominace of red berries with a combination of power and freshness that carries over onto the palate
Technical Information
Appellation: Côtes-du-Ventoux
Blend: Grenache (80%), Syrah (20%)
Soil Composition: Limestone

Suggested Retail Price: $10

PS. I tasted this wine recommended by bartender at Danny Brown's of Forest Hills.

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