Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2005 Macari Estate Merlot

On the North Fork of Long Island's wine country comes this delectable 100% Merlot. Ruby red colors in front of layers of eucalyptus, fresh mint and chocolate, combine with flavors reminiscent of licorice, white pepper and a jammy undercurrent. Further opening to chewy red cherries while displaying firm but balanced tannins and a wild, solid finish. Retails for $18.99.

Full disclosure: this sample bottle sent to me compliments of Macari Wines.


vals10 said...

I've been tasting wines for than 60 years and I'm not sure I'd want one the has anything related to eucalyptus in it's character.

'eucalyptus is a fast-growing source of wood, its oil can be used for cleaning and functions as a natural insecticide, and it is sometimes used to drain swamps and thereby reduce the risk of malaria'

I don't think you'll get you MW on this one.

Dave Trieger said...

Thanks for the comments Val, there are many red wines that display eucalyptus... and IMHO, it happen to be an attractive aroma... but it only means the chemical compounds in the wine resemble the aroma, it's not as if eucalyptus oils were added to the wine.