Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three Years of Wine Tasting

Well, tomorrow will make it three years since I started this wine blog.

Looking back over 2010 I noticed a wider range of topics, besides the hundreds of wine reviews, there were many other interesting posts about private dinners and tastings, homemade wines, sustainable farming, pairing wines with Thai cuisine, new wine shops like The Wine Hut, new wine bars like Pudding Stones, restaurants like Trattoria Toscana, 6 Roses for Thanksgiving, The Gambero Rosso Tasting, the wines of Spain and an interview with Adolfo Folonari.

I'm working to cover more topics in 2011 and maybe even explore other media like video. I'd also like to invite you all to contribute any of your tasting notes this year, and wish to thank you for following so faithfully.

Happy New Year,

Dave Trieger
Vigna Uva Vino

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