Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chamarré Grand Reserve Shiraz 2005 (Vin de Pays Vignobles de France)

France... This is 100% Shiraz from Chamarré... but produced with half of the grapes from the Northern Rhone (for the spicy kick and fresh acidity) and half from Languedoc (for the jammy, ripe fruitiness). The scales tip slightly on the side of the south, with a more intense, fruity roundness opposed to a subtle typical spicy Shiraz profile. On the nose is a definite spiciness and the palate is cooked fruits, white pepper and a smooth finish. One thing all the Chamarré wines have in common is the same brushstrokes by the artist (vintner)... they're all tied together neatly by a mellowness and even quality. This is available at The Wine Room of Forest Hills for around $12.

Note: Chamarré is the first brand to take advantage of the new French wine appellation, "Vin de Pays Vignobles de France" which allows blending across regions. Founder Pascal Renaudat and winemaker Renaud Rosari have access to sources from cooperatives across the country and now can blend the best of each.

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