Monday, June 30, 2008

Chamarre Grand Reserve Pinot Noir 2005

All Pinot Noir but from 2 different regions: half from Corsica and half from Burgundy AOC grapes. A very soft style to this Pinot Noir with a nose of mellow red fruits, violets and a very smooth minerality with a palate of raspberries, licorice and vanilla (there is also a slight toastiness from 6 months in oak). I'd say a very nice balancing act is going on here. This one goes for about $13.

Note: Chamarré is the first brand to take advantage of the new French wine appellation, "Vin de Pays Vignobles de France" which allows blending across regions. Founder Pascal Renaudat and winemaker Renaud Rosari have access to sources from cooperatives across the country and now can blend the best of each.

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Anonymous said...

Man! that sounds great! For thirteen bucks. I gotta find it. That bottle sounds like my jam. Thanks Dave. I will be searching for this one immediately. Wine to the people!