Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wine, to go?

We recently bought a bottle of wine to drink with dinner at one of the restaurants we frequent in Forest Hills. At the end of the meal, having not finished the bottle, I asked the waitress to put a cork in it and bag it for me to take home. She made a face and said, "you can't take wine to go"... to which I replied, "yes, I can, it's legal now in New York... ask your boss". So she hurried off only to return to say her boss said restaurant policy is, no wine to go. My turn to make a face.

This is the first time it's happened since the laws have changed, and I was used to being able to take home leftover wine. It was a weekday so I really didn't want to drink a whole bottle.

It takes a lot to get me angry, but this did.... am I out of line here, or what?


BrotherMan said...

What did the manager say when you informed him of your personal policy of not paying your bill when they hold your wine hostage? Or...that you don't pay for menu items that you wouldn't rate 5 stars as well as write about them on your blog? I think you were in your rights not to pay for the bottle of wine. If you were not permitted to keep the entirety of a product you ordered, why would you have to pay for it.

Dave Trieger said...

Brotherman, I wish you were at my table! thanks,