Thursday, October 16, 2008

Christine in Puglia: Tufjiano 2007, Fiano Biologico, Colli dell Margia; Tempio di Giano 2007, Negroamaro, Veterere

My good friend Christine recently returned from a trip to Puglia and kindly wrote this story about what sounds like a wonderful place.

I had a very special evening in the Puglia region of Italy on the 30th of September. In the town of Ostuni I was given a tour of the exquisite grounds of the Masseria Il Frantoio by its charming proprietor Armando Balestrazzi. He and his wife Rosalba had a vision for this old farm estate 14 years ago and now proudly reap the rewards of this working organic farm and restaurant. I shared in their rewards as well, as I dined on the food and wine from its very own soil. Nothing here is taken for granted and it shows in everything they do.

Most memorable for me that evening was standing in the courtyard by candle light, smelling a combination of the citrus trees (lemon, lime & mandarin orange) along with the most intense grapes of which I held a pure, plump, bunch of in my hand.
At the table I was thrilled by the refreshingly cold white wine they served; Tufjiano 2007, Fiano Biologico, Colli dell Margia. It was sweet, smooth, crisp and pure and went perfectly with the green-beans fricasee served in a crispy basket of sheeps cheese.

I am not usually a white wine drinker, but this was really wonderful. It impressed me more than the red served later with our meal; Tempio di Giano 2007, Negroamaro, Veterere, very traditional to the region along with their seasonal, wild fennel pasta with fava beans puree and green peppers.

For me, these were a few special hours spent in heaven!
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