Sunday, November 2, 2008

Organic Wine & Cheese Pairing (continued)

Last Saturday Dan Olson hosted an Organic Wine & Cheese Pairing at The Wine Room of Forest Hills.

Here are the reds continued from previous post:

Cuma Malbec. Argentina. Rich ruby color with full bouquet of boysenberry, blueberries and oak. Dry and full bodied with spicy cherry flavors.

paired with

Les Freres. Crave Brothers. Pasteurized cow's milk. Soft, washed and rind cheese developed in the Irish-French Style. Earthy, hints of bacon, wonderfully gooey.

Natura Carmenere. Chile. Deep crimson, hints of chocolate, cherry and cinnamon on the nose with powerful, velvety flavor and lingering aftertaste.

paired with

Snow White Goat Cheddar. Carr Valley. Creamy, white, cave-aged 6 months. Sharp, tangy with hints of citrus. 2nd place 2007, Best in Show 2008, American Cheese Society Competition

Luzon Verde Monastrell. Spain. Dark colored, full bouquet of dried ripe fruits, currants, cherries and raisins. Full in the mouth with a spicy flavor of berries, oak, toast and nuts.

paired with

Sole Gran Queso. Roth Kase. Pasteurized cow's milm. Small batches imitating Manchego. Cellared six months. Dry yet smooth texture with initial sharpness and sweet finish. 2008 American Cheese Society Winner.

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Max from Templar Wines said...

Hi I was intrigued by your findings about cheese and wine pairing. I collate information where there are ideal cheese/wine pairings. It's a very subjective (and misunderstood) subject. I'd be happy to add any cracking wine/cheese combinations you find to my database on The information is free to reference. You'll find it under "useful stuff"