Monday, June 8, 2009

Il Trullo Salento Primitivo

I just wanted say how much I enjoyed Lorenzo Scarpone's Il Trullo the other night at the Brooklyn International Film Festival. The wine, from Puglia, is a Primitivo (the same family as Zinfandel) it's delicious, and the price point ($11) is amazing considering how simply and honestly the flavor profile expresses itself. I enjoyed it on it's own, but with food this Primitivo SINGS! It's loaded with resinous flavors of cassis and dark berries. I can't wait for its release sometime at the end of summer.

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Scipio said...


I wanted to second your comments on Il Trullo. I had a chance to taste it at The Winehouse here in Los Angeles and was very impressed. It retails for $8.99 here. Really a terrific wine especially for the price.