Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Isole e Olena Vin Santo Del Chianti Classico 1994 DOC

After another delicious Sunday dinner my good friend Eric opened this amazing bottle of Vin Santo. This wine is like a birthday cake, a celebration of the senses, in hibernation for 16 years with the soul purpose of singing a birthday song. It made me very, very happy. And it's not even my birthday... but it might as well have been... fresh warm caramel jumps out at you, followed by vanilla and marzipan and hints of coconut. Full bodied and extravagant on the palate, showing ripe apricots as the finish wraps smooth and perfect like a silk ribbon around a present... "Happy Birthday tooooo youuuuuu!"

"Tuscany's traditional wine of commeroration and meditation, Vin Santo is made from white grapes (Malvasia and Trebbbiano) that are harvested early, allowed to wither into raisins, pressed in January, and then barrel fermented and aged for four years before bottling. Paolo De Marchi's production is ridiculously small, and his Vin Santo is considered one of the top Italian dessert wines." -Importer

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