Thursday, February 11, 2010


At a recent birthday celebration I ran into Erica, a friend I hadn’t seen in years. As we talked we realized a common theme… guess what? That’s right, wine! After leaving her job in July 2008 she began making charms for wine glasses as gifts for friends.
One said, "Hey, you should sell these!". She didn't really think much about it as a source of income but "I have been charming ever since!”

What are Wine Charms?
Wine charms are decorative jewelry for the stem of your wine glass (or martini glass, or coffee mug handle...) to identify your glass as YOUR glass. No more guessing which glass is yours! These are especially useful in situations where all the glasses are otherwise identical, such as a cocktail party. Of course, you don't actually have to use the charms on glasses, you could also add these to a charm bracelet, or hang on a cord as a necklace.

Erica now has a blog called Four Times A Charm where you can order her pieces. She also does custom charms, you send her photos and she creates your very own unique & personalized set... great gifts for your favorite wine lovers.

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