Saturday, February 20, 2010

New West Village Wine Bar: Pudding Stones

Every morning I’ve been passing by a storefront in New York’s West Village that for months had its windows papered to block a view to the inside. But the awning had an intriguing name …Pudding Stones Wine Bar which was printed in small subtle letters.

Finally it’s open for business just in time to celebrate my friend Allen’s success in landing a new job. I get in touch with Laura and Christine with the name and address of Pudding Stones West Village and by the time I get there Laura is at the end of the bar with a look on her face and says, “did you see that?” So I look back towards the entrance and I see what she’s gawking at. A famous movie and TV actor is sucking face with a tall buxom redhead. That’s a good start.

The ambience is a result of attention to detail and just plain old good design. The interior is a sexy and comfortable space split into 3 sections, the tables in the first third, the bar in the second and the raw bar in the third. The cuisine is American Bistro with a French influence.

Behind the bar one of the owners, Joe Rabasco recommends the Costa Del Sol Napa 2005 blend of Sangiovese, Zinfandel and Merlot produced by Bennesere Vineyards. Each varietal within this blend is from a specific vineyard lot. The wine is a full bodied red, barrel aged in a combination of small French and American oak for 18 months. The aromas are an exotic blend of leather, barnyard and toast bursting with intense flavors of jammy blackberries, cola, glycerine with hints of licorice, orange and powdered sugar. And to top it off a super smooth finish.

After the good advice Joe gave us on the wine, he and his brother Peter and another partner, Joe helped us pick a sampling of some Small Plates: Yellowfin Tuna Tartar, a fresh delight with fennel and dill, an amazing Mac and Cheese with gruyere, cheddar, breadcrumbs and truffle oil, a Guacamole with Blue Corn Chips, and to close out the meal a Plate du Jour… a delicious jumbo Lobster Ravioli with Spinach and Ricotta in a Butter sauce.

I don't think they have a website as yet, they've only been open a week or two, but they are located at 48 Carmine Street, Tel (212) 627-6050. I'll definitely be back.


Anonymous said...

There Lobster Ravioli special on Fridays is amazing. When you cut into it, you see lobster very well balanced with spinach and ricotta. Everything is unique from the ambiance, food, owners and patrons.

Unknown said...

This place is Sleek

• (of an object) having an elegant, streamlined shape or design.

Just what NYC need's! A little inspiration!!

Did you have the Mac and Cheese???!! Damn!!

Dave Trieger said...

Damn, is right. I think the truffle oil put a nice twist on the mac & cheese.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree I am obsessed with the Lobster Ravioli here!!! Can't wait to go back. Love this new spot