Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cereghino Smith Sangiovese Reserve 2004

This is a red wine made from Sangiovese grapes grown in California and produced in New York. Intense aromas of bubble gum, raspberry jam, and strawberries attack the senses, while ripe bing cherries, licorice, smoke and oak get the taste buds busy. I've tasted many Sangiovese wines, mostly from Italy, but never interpreted like this. It's chewy, has texture, and an interesting flavor profile. Found this at a tasting at Alphabet City Wine Co., recommended by Keith B. Fined not filtered, 13% alcohol and in the $20 range.
©Photo 2008 by Dave Trieger


Wine Tasting Guy said...

SO INTERESTING. An Italian varietal, grown on the West Coast and produced on the East coast. I have had some Cali Sangiovese, but never Cali Sangiovese produced in NY. What is most interesting is that they admit that it was produced in NY. Wine grapes do not typically travel well once they are harvested. That is why so many wineries harvest their fruit at night and bring it straight to the winery to be crushed.

Cool find. I'll have to check it out...

Anonymous said...

Cool man! I am so glad you gave these guys some props. This is rich inner-city history at work here. Actually we just grabbed an office and storage space down the street from the shop and as it turns out we have access to a backyard. Fred and his wife have inspired me and I think I am going to give home-wine-making a shot! If for nothing else just to understand the science behind it. ROCK ON MAN! WINE TO THE PEOPLE!!