Saturday, February 7, 2009

4th Flight of Sangiovese/Chianti Blind Tasting

2005 Kuleto Estate Sangiovese Napa Valley 14.8% $20

Plush nose of super-ripe cherries, barnyard, mushrooms and vanilla, with flavors of intensely ripe fruits, almost sweet, balanced, ripe raspberries and blackberries.

2004 Deerfield Sonoma Sangiovese 14.6% $25

Funky nose with a vinegar edge to it, then floral, followed by medicinal flavors of old cough syrup, maybe close to a fortified wine, an aged feel, with oak, ripe berries and candy finish.

2006 The Midlife Crisis Winery Sangiovese Paso Robles 16.6% $20

Oak first, super ripe cherries flavors, strawberries, extracted fruit and figs.


Anonymous said...

Nice idea man.

So all in all how did you far with these Cali Sangiovese? Sounds like the first had the most balance.

It is weird to think about but I am damn curious.


Dave Trieger said...

Naturally my preference is an Italian Sangiovese, but of the Cali's I'd have to pick the Kuleto first, it had a lot going for it.

I remember the Sangiovese I tried on your suggestion, the Cereghino Smith Sangiovese Reserve 2004 made with grapes grown in Cali and produced in NY!